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  NOVEMBER 30 - DECEMBER 2, 2022
At this elite online training event, you’ll learn Advanced, State-of-the-Art Tools for Terrain and Microbiome Management  from the Leading Microbiome Expert, Dr. Grace Liu, PharmD.

Swivel into online space 
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Freedom to have more time with friends and family; freedom that you’re not tied to a brick and mortar; freedom where you have more ability to reach clients that are going to love what you do for them.


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Regular Registration: $197 starting November 4th

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  • November 30 - 1st Day Training (3 hours)
  • ​December 1 - 2nd Day Training (3 hours)
  • December 2 - 3rd Day Workshop (2 hours)
  • Daily at 3PM PST​ 
  • ​Take-Home Study 2 units (CEU/CME/CDP) Included
  • ​Total 10 units for Conference (CEU/CME/CDP)
  • ​Replay available through end of January - All Access Included


  • ​Over 20 Gut Institute Protocols including SIBO, Antiviral, Mold, Medical Peptide, Exosome and SIFO Protocols
  • ​50+ Page Clinical Curriculum Included
  • ​FxMed Lab Interpretative Guides Included (Metabolomic Organic Acids Test, Stool GI-MAP, DUTCH Hormone Panel)
  • ​Complimentary 2 Bottles of Bifido Maximus Capsules (Value: $110) When Wholesale Account Opened +Purchase of 4 Bottles
  • ​Turnkey programs with protocols you can implement right away.

3 Day Conference Schedule

3 CEU/CME/CDP Dr Grace Liu PharmD
3-6pm PST (6-9pm EST) Replays will be available
Oral Peptides for Gut Microbiome Resurrection
Ins and Outs of Injectable Peptides: “Wolverine” Cocktail
Pitfalls of Peptides: Legality, Adverse Effects, Contraindications, Monitoring Parameters

Clinical Cases
Lab Monitoring (Organic Acid, GI MAP, DUTCH)
Best Peptides for Long Covid, Co-Infections and Chronic Illness
Core Curriculum, Dosages, Contraindications and Protocols Reviewed

Dr Greg Jones NMD: Peptides for Metabolic Flexibility and Fat Loss
Dr Grace Liu PharmD: Business Pearls
Clinical Pearls and Q&A

Who Should Attend This Webinar
  • Acupuncturists
  • ​Chiropractors
  • ​Naturopathic Physicians
  • ​Functional Medicine Physicians
  • ​Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Coaches
  • ​​Physician Assistants
  • ​​Nurse Practitioners
  • Nutritionists
  • ​Physical Therapists
  • ​Health & Nutrition Professionals
  • ​Pharmacists
  • ​Health Coaches
  • ​​Dietitians
  • ​​Gr​​aduates of AFMCP, IFM, FMU, ADAPT
What You Will Learn From This Webinar
Advanced, State-of-the-Art Tools for Terrain and Microbiome Management
Secret #1: Microbiome Prescribing Do’s and DON’TS
Secret #2: Advanced Microbiota Pearls
Secret #3: Microbiome Research Updates
Secret #4: Lab Interpretation Guide

Oat, IgG Panel

Secret #5: Monetizing Your Digital Assets
Secret #6: Protocols Implementation Guides

Practitioners and Health Coach Testimonials

Dr. Kristina Bosnar

Dr. Nicky Young

Naturopathic Center, Sacramento CA
The Clinical Curriculum


  • Why You Should Never Consider Peptides Without Probiotics and Gut Protocols
  • ​Ins and Outs of Injectable Peptides: “Wolverine” Cocktail
  • ​“3 R’s” of Medical Peptides. Why Ultra Potent Probiotics and Peptides support all 3 R's (Restore the flora, Resurrect hormone rhythms, Root issues addressed (detox, support, terrain inflammation, gut permeability)
  • Oral Peptides for Gut Microbiome Resurrection (TA1, KPV, BPC157, TB4 Frag+)
  • ​Pitfalls of Peptides: What labs you do not want to miss in Monitoring Parameters for Peptides
  • ​Why Mast Cell Destabilization occurs with certain peptides and how to avoid this
  • ​Access to private Facebook group to learn more about the state-of-the-art, advanced terrain tools - medical peptides, curated probiotics, postbiotics, prebiotics (Dr Grace PharmD’s “Bionic Fiber)” 
  • ​Peptides and Probiotics for Metabolic Flexibility and Fast Fat Loss (1-2 Pounds or Inches Per Week)

Microbiome Medicine

  • How to reverse the negative regulators of insulin sensitivity in metabolic disorders and obesity such as Lipopolysaccharide and Cresol (Clostridium neurotoxic by-product)
  • What are the ’ABC’ strains of the human gut microbiome and why missing these strains are associated with the 5 Ds” disease, disability, degeneration, dysbiosis and death
  • What protective strains are found in healthy rural farmers
  • ​How elevated urine oxalates is not only related to eating high oxalate, delicious, paleo-dense foods (kale, spinach, almonds, sweet potatoes, berries, chocolate) but also pathogenic gut overgrowths
  • ​Learn gut protocols that are customized for your clients based on progressive and advanced functional medicine testing
  • ​How to avoid falling into an ‘eradication’ mindset at the expense of trillions of protective gut flora
  • ​List the clinical gaps in current SIBO and mannitol-lactulose permeability studies
  • ​Why fungal, phage, viral, and Streptococcus biofilms are harder than ever to bust open and bypass
  • ​Reset Rhythms for best outcomes while Recolonizing all microbiome terrains
  • ​Rhythms we focus on at The Gut Institute simultaneously for best gut results: HPAT, gonad hormones, immunity and digestion

Business Basics

  • Designing programs for the best clinical outcomes and continuity
  • Using digital assets then putting value in it to grow residual, passive income
  • How to screen and select clients
  • The sales process and how to close more clients
  • ​Passive Income: Private labeling supplements, free online stores, building bundles & online courses
  • ​Staying Sustainable and Your Self-care
  • Why getting coaching and training is vital to you grow your business
  • Public speaking: How to create your own opportunities, How to get booked
    ​​CEUs are currently in the approval process and will be provided retroactively after the webinar. There will tentatively be 6 credits.

+ PLUS Clinical Curriculum with over a hundred pages of evidence based guides,
and over 10+ SIBO and SIFO protocols!

+ PLUS Clinical Curriculum with over a hundred pages of evidence based guides,
and over 10+ SIBO and SIFO protocols!

Meet Dr. Grace, PharmD

Dr. Grace Liu,
PharmD, AFMCP 
Microbiome Expert
Founder of The Gut Institute
Dr. Grace, PharmD is a trained functional medicine practitioner and founder of The Gut Institute. She has a doctorate in pharmacy and has been in practice for 19+ years as a clinical pharmacist who specializes in complex disease management.

Dr. Liu consults with and helps clients gain optimal health performance through rebuilding the microbiome after damage from modern living. She uses nutrigenomic tools and other advanced functional lab testing.

Currently she is training some functional medicine leaders to approach gut protocols with her expertise. Clients include paleo movement leaders and a UFC MMA fighter in the top 10.

She has been invited to speak at Ancestral Health Symposium (2016, 2014, 2011), Paleo Convention Berlin, PaleoFx for two years in a row, interviewed for a documentary (by ‘Microbirth’ producers) and Women’s Health UK magazine on the skin-gut microbiome.

Recently she shared the stage with Dr David Perlmutter (author Grain Brain) on the Expert Microbiome Panel at Paleof(x)16 in Austin, Texas. 

More Practitioners and Health Coach Testimonials

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